W.U.L.A.C. was formed in 1962, when Gordon Blakemore, Frank Thompson, George Hoyland and other local fishermen approached the late Lord Bradford to form a local fishing club using pools on the Bradford Estate. Lord Bradford gave them his blessing on the proviso that membership to W.U.L.A.C. would first and foremost be available to, those employed and residing on Bradford Estate and the surrounding area.

The club was allowed one third of total membership to be made up of outside members and the committee of the day had to be a two third local majority.

The club started with fifty members and had Burlington Pool, Tong Norton Mere and Tong Church Pool. The Park Pool was added to the list some years later. Contests were held during the fishing season, (16th June – 16th March), the main contest waters being Burlington and Tong Church pools. Around thirty five people attended the contests and the club hosted its first Dinner in the “Orangery” at Weston Park in 1963. The guest speaker was Lord Bradford and the audience was treated to a Magic Show from Major Pearson who was a founder member of the club.

The club has gone from strength to strength and the trophy list grown thanks to support from friends inside and associated with W.U.L.A.C.

Our first Chairman was Frank Thompson who was then the local village policeman at Weston Under Lizard. Frank held this position for 12 years. Gordon Blakemore was then Chairman for the next 21 years and Clive Blakemore has held the position for the past 10 years.

The last 48 years we have seen many changes, we now do not fish Burlington or the Park Pool, but we have three stretches of the River Penk and an excellent pool near Newport, the Swan Pit. The club is now open to all and we have a healthy membership. We have a good working relationship with outside agencies such as the Environmental Agency who help us with our fish management and Rodbaston College who do excellent work around our waters as part of their Fishery Management courses. This work is supervised by Andy Taylor and the club is very grateful for his continual efforts with the Pool Improvement Project.

We were successful in securing a Lottery Grant in 2001 which has been well spent providing disabled fishing platforms and access improvements at the waters.

I look forward to seeing you around the waters as the year progresses.

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