Can all anglers that fish other waters that use there keepnets and landing nets there, please make Sure there nets are dry ,or have been disinfected before they are used in WULAC waters thanks, The Committee.  
Mr Simon Platford
Weston-under-Lizard Angling Club
C/o Westley House
Ivetsey Road
Wheaton Aston
ST19 9QW
Dear Simon
Bradford Estate – Church Pool
I am writing to you as one of the Estate’s fishing tenants in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak and the government’s decision to place us on ‘lockdown’ for the foreseeable future.
The Estate takes this guidance very seriously and intends to abide by it. The expectation is that the Estate’s tenants will do the same, hopefully voluntarily and in their own and others best interests, without the need for the Estate to intervene in any way. 
We are receiving various concerns and complaints from locals regarding people continuing to fish on the Estate during this period and I wanted to make you aware of our position in this regard. Our interpretation of the government’s guidance is that the act of driving to go fishing would be considered non-essential and therefore should not be happening – that point is clear. Unfortunately, it does not appear that people are respecting this currently, so please can you immediately advise (or advise again) your members/visitors that they cannot do this until such time as the prohibition on non-essential driving is lifted.
However, we do not currently consider that the guidance completely prevents people from fishing altogether – fisheries are not on the list of assembly and leisure venues that must close. If your members/visitors are able to walk or cycle to the water, for instance, and are able to fully adhere to the government’s guidance whilst doing so (and also whilst fishing) then our view is that this can be permitted and considered ‘exercise’, especially for the less able and important for their mental wellbeing.
Whilst this is our interpretation currently, the reality is that the guidance is not entirely clear on fishing. As long as that remains the case and people act sensibly and responsibly, which I hope that the majority will do, we do not intend to intervene for the time being. However, we do expect that you will ask and ensure that your members/visitors act responsibly at all times and respect the government’s guidance. In doing so, we all hope that we can return to normality as soon as possible.
The matter will be kept under review and, if the government guidance changes or is clearly being breached, I will be in touch again. In the meantime, all the very best and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call.
Yours sincerely
Helen Corban on behalf of
Bradford Estates

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